Setting Up Automatic NCBI Searches and New Record Alerts

Do you regularly perform PubMed searches to find new articles on your topic of interest?

Would you like to know when new sequence records become available for your gene?

Is it important to be alerted when new bioactivity assays are available with inhibitor data for your enzyme?

With a free My NCBI account, you can easily set up a series of e-mail alerts to notify you of such new information. You can read more about the many other functions of My NCBI.

Here’s how to set up these alerts:

1)   Log in to your My NCBI account

If you already have an account, just click the “Sign in to NCBI” link in the upper right corner of any NCBI page and enter your credentials.

If you don’t have an account, click the same link and register for a new account.

2)   Perform your search

Go to the NCBI database of your choice and run a search like you normally would.

For example, you might search PubMed for asthma treatment in children.

3)   Save your search and set up e-mail alerts

Under the Search box, click “Save Search”.

Give your search a name, then click “Save”.

On the next page, select the radio button option to e-mail the results. (Double-check the e-mail address listed on the My NCBI account to make sure it is the one you want to send the messages to.  If it isn’t, you can change it in on the My NCBI Account Preferences page.)

Set up the alert schedule with your chosen frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and date of notification.

HINT:  You may want to check the “Send even when there aren’t any new results” option to let you know that the search is still running, even when there may not have been any new records added in that time period.

4)   Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for your first alert!

If you don’t see an e-mail alert when you expect one, check your spam filters. Consider adding the “” domain to your e-mail “safe list.”

Can I check for results manually?

Yes! It’s easy. Log in to your My NCBI account and click “My NCBI” at the top of almost any NCBI web page to access your dashboard. In the “Saved Searches” section, click on the hyperlinked number in the “What’s New” column to retrieve new items that were found since the last time the search was run (the time is indicated in the “Last Searched” column).

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  1. I am wondering if there is a function that when an erratum is published on an article, I will automatically be alerted?

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