Introducing NCBI Labs

Welcome to NCBI Labs!

NCBI Labs is all about you. It’s a new NCBI initiative for creating innovative and relevant products by involving you, our user community, from the beginning.

NCBI Labs is about experimentation. It’s a place where you’ll find early versions of new tools, experimental content, and proposed features, as well as an opportunity to suggest ideas to us.

NCBI Labs is about learning. It’s a place where the focus is on figuring out what works, where failure is OK because it’s a learning experience, and where any idea is welcome that can improve our services for our users.

NCBI Labs is about conversation. It’s a place where we can share future plans with you, and you can tell us how we’re doing. It’s a place where we all can come together to create resources that will benefit the broader scientific community.

Join the conversation!

We’re introducing a new category on this blog called “NCBI Labs” that will facilitate this conversation. You can follow these posts by RSS. When we have a new feature for you to try out, we’ll post here with a description of it that will contain the following:

  • The user need the feature is intended to serve
  • How you can activate it
  • What you can expect from it
  • Our plans for it

Then you can try it out and let us know how it went by commenting on the posts. Like it, hate it, we want to know! Or you can propose some additional functions or ideas.

Our first new features are SmartBLAST, an enhancement to protein BLAST, and an “also-viewed” link in PubMed. Each of these is described in accompanying blog posts:

Let us know what you think!

10 thoughts on “Introducing NCBI Labs

    1. Please note that PubMed is a citation/abstract database and does not contain full-text publications. However, we do provide a link on the PubMed record page to the full-text in our own free, full-text publication database, PubMed Central (PMC), when we have a copy of the paper, and to the publisher’s site when they provide the information to us.

      We have a full explanation of how to get full-text articles here and even a video on YouTube, which demonstrates how to find full-text articles from a PubMed record page.


  2. Hello: I am very inquisitive about one of your downloads that I found on this website.. I was just starting to read it when I dropped my phone & lost the information.. Since I just began reading it, there is only a small part of it that I can remember & therefore, unable to find out how to retrieve it.. There was a gentleman in a library, sitting & talking about some sort of supplements while referring to, spinal compression & carpal tunnel… Would anyone be able to email me & hopefully tell me how to find more information about this? I know this sounds very vague but if anyone at all could help me, I would be most appreciative!! Thank You Veronica

  3. It would be great to be able to download genomes in a single fasta file, instead of multiple different files. Is this possible, currenlty?

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