Professors:  NCBI can help you streamline your teaching and research efforts

Professors:  NCBI can help you streamline your teaching and research efforts

Professors, you’re busy – really busy. You have to develop and teach your courses and laboratory sessions, coordinate your lab’s research efforts, write grants and publications, and stay current on everything related to your teaching and research topics.

NCBI has information that would help most of these efforts – but there are so many interesting records and so little time to organize them for efficient use. Sign up for a free NCBI Account and let us help you organize your important lists!

my ncbi login page
Figure 1. The My NCBI login page.

Sign up for an NCBI Account – or sign in to your account if you already have one – and:

  • Store and automate your searches;
  • Save and manage collections of important records for use in coursework, research projects and federal grants;
  • Create public lists for students in your courses and your own Faculty Profile;
  • And keep track of everything – right on your My NCBI dashboard.

Read on to find out how to do all of these things and more!

Store and Automate Search Strategies

You perform PubMed searches all the time. You might also search our Gene, Nucleotide, Protein or PubChem Compound databases, to name a few.

Save Search Results

You perform a search and get a whole list of results, but you don’t have time to go through them right away. There are two things you can do:

Manage Search Results Lists & Collections

You have lots of result lists saved, but you’d really like to be able to create and organize custom sets of records – maybe create new collections you can quickly add interesting records to.

These collections could support your research and teaching efforts in a number of ways. You could store lecture or grant reference lists for research and development; create public lists for course or seminar references, or a reading list for your lab personnel, or a set of important records for a laboratory section, or any number of other uses.

Setting Up Your Journal Club/Research Lab Group

Create Your Own Bibliographic Collection

My Bibliography, a special type of collection at NCBI, is an important and useful thing to have either listed or linked on your Faculty webpage. In addition, did you know that you can use your bibliography collection to make it easier to apply for and manage NIH-funded grants?

Bookmark this post and refer to it whenever you need guidance – NCBI accounts are here to help you organize your research and teaching efforts and make your life easier. Feel free to leave questions, comments and suggestions on this post.

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