RefSeq release 82 now public

RefSeq release 82 now public

RefSeq release 82 is accessible online, via FTP and through NCBI’s programming utilities. This full release incorporates genomic, transcript, and protein data available as of May 8, 2017 and contains 127,098,289 records, including 84,756,971 proteins, 18,901,573 RNAs, and sequences from 69,035 organisms. The release is provided in several directories as a complete dataset and also as divided by logical groupings.

This release contains the complete reannotation of prokaryotic genomes using PGAP 4.1. This involves the reannotation of over 85,626 prokaryotic genome assemblies covering 12,977 species-level taxids. This includes over 13,453 genomes of the clinically important bacteria E. coli, Shigella and Salmonella.

More information about RefSeq release 82 is available in the release notes.

Future changes

NCBI will phase out support for non-human organisms in the dbSNP and dbVar databases. These databases will stop accepting submissions for non-human SNPs in September 2017. The interactive websites for these databases and related NCBI services, including RefSeq flatfiles, will stop presenting non-human variant data in November 2017.

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