New pig (Sus scrofa) genome annotation in RefSeq

New pig (Sus scrofa) genome annotation in RefSeq

The new pig (Sus scrofa) genome annotation produced by the NCBI eukaryotic genome annotation pipeline is now available in RefSeq. This data is now available for download and can be explored in the Genome Data Viewer, with BLAST, and in the Gene database.

duroc pigIn Annotation Release 106, a total of 30,334 genes were annotated, including 20,790 that code for proteins. This annotation was performed on the improved assembly Sscrofa11.1. It used 4.4 million IsoSeq transcripts and 12 billion short RNA-Seq reads including 5.8 billion from the newly released pig expression atlas for gene prediction.

As a result, annotation release 106 is of substantially higher quality than annotation release 105. The number of partial genes went down by 80% and over two thousand genes were merged.

Read the full report on the pig (Sus scrofa) Annotation Release 106 annotation or see more annotation in progress at NCBI.

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