Five new videos on YouTube: APIs, PubMed, RefSeq & more

Several videos are up on the NCBI YouTube, including recordings of recent NCBI Minute webinars.

NCBI Minute: The NCBI Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

This NCBI Minute introduces the diverse group of APIs available to access NCBI database information and tools. You’ll learn what the APIs can be used for with examples using the E-Utilities.

NCBI Minute: PubMed Tools and ORCID ID’s for Authors

In this short webinar, you will learn about NCBI tools for author disambiguation and the advantages of tying your publications together with an ORCID ID.

NCBI Minute: Introducing the New RefSeq Functional Elements Project

The new RefSeq Functional Elements project is an expansion of the NCBI RefSeq project to include non-genic functional genomic regions in human and mouse that have been experimentally validated and described in the scientific literature.

This NCBI Minute introduces you to this project and its scope, describes how functional elements are curated and displayed, demonstrates how to access the data, and provides information on the current progress of the project.

Introducing the Genome Data Viewer: NCBI’s Genome Browser

The NCBI Genome Data Viewer (GDV) is a full-featured genome browser supporting the exploration and analysis of more than 500 eukaryotic RefSeq genome assemblies. In this webinar, you will learn how you can use the GDV to explore the sequence and annotation for eukaryotic genome assemblies.

NCBI’s Genome Data Viewer – Getting Started

This video provides a quick overview of the Genome Data Viewer’s many capabilities. It is a genome browser supporting more than 500 eukaryotic genome assemblies. See the Help and Release Notes documentation for more information.

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