Map Viewer retirement: New FTP directory paths

Map Viewer retirement: New FTP directory paths

In October of last year, we announced the replacement of NCBI’s Map viewer with the Genome Data Viewer (GDV).  Here are some additional details on how to access to the older Map Viewer FTP content going forward and some information to help you with the transition to GDV.

As we announced last fall, we are no longer updating the data content of Map Viewer FTP directories. To help avoid any confusion over the meaning of the directory names,  we will alter the CURRENT and PREVIOUS directories under the species directories in the Map Viewer FTP area so that they no longer point to data. However, the existing data will still be available on the FTP site.

If you need to continue working with this historical Map Viewer data, please follow the directions in the Map Viewer README.  The Map Viewer status directory has a shell script (LookupDir) that you can use to find the direct paths to data of interest. You can download newer datasets shown in GDV that are not available in Map Viewer from the NCBI annotation release directories on the FTP site.  See the README  there for more details on the contents.

Please contact us with any comments, concerns, or if you need more help with the transition from the Map Viewer to GDV.


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