5 new videos on YouTube: Get the most out of BLAST, MedGen, PubChem and more

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NCBI Minute: Getting the Most out of Web BLAST Tabular Format

The NCBI web BLAST service has several useful download formats, including tabular formats. All formats allow you to easily save your BLAST results for processing, editing, and annotating.

This video will show you how to use basic Unix tools and EDirect to expand and enhance your tabular saved BLAST results. You will also see learn how to add useful information like taxonomy and sequence titles.

NCBI Minute: Revised Release Plan for the New NCBI API Keys

As previously announced, NCBI is introducing API keys for the E-utilities. This webinar updates the schedule for when we will activate these keys. The video also describes plans for a test site and testing periods. These periods are an ideal opportunity for developers to test their products in this new environment.

NCBI Minute: Using NCBI’s MedGen in Clinical Practice

In this webinar video, we show you how to make your clinical work easier with MedGen. MedGen helps you find genetic phenotype information, get lists of a disorder’s clinical features, and find all disorders with specific features. You’ll also see how to retrieve information such as practice guidelines for conditions and a list of genetic tests available in GTR. Finally, you’ll learn how to access relevant resources like GeneReviews, OMIM, ClinicalTrials.gov, the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD) and Medline Plus.

NCBI Minute: Integrating PubChem into Your Chemistry Teaching

PubChem is one of most visited chemistry web sites in the world with more than 2.9 million unique users per month. This NCBI Minute shows how you can integrate PubChem in your chemistry teaching as a cheminformatics education resource. In addition to learning about tools and services for search, analysis, and download of chemical information, you will see how PubChem has been incorporated in Cheminformatics OLCC (On-Line Chemistry Courses), an intercollegiate hybrid course.

NCBI Minute: Improved Standalone BLAST Databases and Programs: Now with Taxonomic Information

Limiting a BLAST search to organism or group is important for efficient BLAST searches and results that are easier to interpret, especially as the databases continue to grow. The latest standalone BLAST databases, dbV5, have built-in taxonomy information and provide faster sequence access using identifiers. Using Taxonomy limits in your searches is easier than ever when you use these new databases with the BLAST programs in the alpha release 2.8.0+. Through this webinar you will learn how to download and use BLASTdbv5 and the new BLAST programs to limit searches to taxonomic groups and to retrieve sequences from the database by taxonomy without the often-difficult step of first downloading an identifier list.

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