dbSNP database doubles in size twice in 13 months

dbSNP database doubles in size twice in 13 months

In little over a year, dbSNP human data have doubled in size from 150 million Reference SNP (rs) records to 325 million in Build 150, and again to more than 650 million rs records in Build 151. 580 million of these rs records have frequency data in Build 151.This explosive growth makes dbSNP the world’s largest public human variation database. Current trends suggest that large-scale WGS and WES projects will discover millions of new variations in the next few years.

Build 151 was released in March 2018. The data are available for web search and FTP download.

NCBI’s dbSNP houses variation and frequency data from large-scale projects including 1000Genomes, GO-ESP, ExAC, GnomAD, TOPMED and HLI, as well as focused studies like locus-specific databases (LSDB) and clinical sources. The rs records are annotated on RefSeq genomes, mRNA and protein sequences and integrated with other NCBI resources (e.g., Assembly, Gene, RefSeq, PubMed, and BioProject). The database is used worldwide in personal genomics, medical genetics, and for managing, annotating and analysis of variation data.

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