NCBI implements new, natural language sequence search

In late May, we introduced a new type of search experience in NCBI Labs that uses natural language queries to make common tasks easier. The experience at NCBI Labs – where we experiment with potential new features and tools – proved successful. We’re pleased to announce that we added this simplified search capability to NCBI’s global search page. Some natural language queries now work in the “All Databases” search from the NCBI home page!

NCBI search bar, red arrow pointing to all databases

As we explained in the previous announcement, the new search functionality addresses three types of queries that frequently failed at NCBI:  organism-gene (e.g., human BRCA1), organism-transcript (e.g., mouse p53 transcripts), and organism-assembly (e.g., dog reference genome). Each of these types of queries will now return NCBI’s highest quality results in a panel at the top of the search results page.

For more information, or to experiment with sample queries, visit our original post. And keep visiting the NCBI Labs search page to try our latest experiments, which we’ll also announce on this blog.

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