NCBI’s Genome Data Viewer now displays data from track hubs

The Genome Data Viewer’s (GDV) browser display now supports content provided in track hubs. This new GDV feature, summarized in this short video, extends the genome browser’s capability when it comes to viewing user-supplied data tracks alongside NCBI-provided tracks.  You now have multiple options to analyze your data that include uploading your data (file/URL), streaming individual files from a remote location and/or connecting to a track hub. In all instances, GDV recognizes a variety of popular file formats with support for additional file formats planned. In the display, you can now also easily distinguish user-supplied tracks by their green-tinted track labels.

You can connect to and configure track hubs via a new configuration interface that is accessed from both the ‘User Data and Track Hubs’ widget options or the ‘Tracks’ menu (figure 1).

Figure 1. Connect to track hubs via the User Data and Track Hubs widget on the left-hand side of the screen or the Tracks drop-down menu on the right.

Within this interface, you can search the Track Hub Registry for data of interest, select tracks for display, configure their display options and find hub and track metadata (figure 2).

Figure 2. Search the Track Hubs Registry to connect to tracks or paste a hub URL to connect to a track(s).

Alternatively, if you have a hub URL, you can paste it in this menu to connect to tracks. If you connect to a hub with data on different assemblies, those assemblies will be listed in this interface and the hub will be available to you in the corresponding GDV assembly display.

We invite you to use this new capability in GDV and look forward to your comments via the Feedback button at the bottom of the page.

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