See improvements in NCBI’s genome visualization and analysis tools at ASHG


In 2016, NCBI introduced the Genome Data Viewer (GDV). This past May, the GDV replaced the aging Map Viewer. Over the past year, NCBI has kept you updated about GDV through announcements, webinars, and blogs. Now you can gather information and get an overview of all the changes to GDV in person at ASHG!

Check out Poster 1670F “What’s new with NCBI tools for genome visualization and analysis.” on Friday, Oct. 19 from 3 PM to 4 PM
(Exhibit Hall, Ground Level)

One of the presentations NCBI staff is preparing is a poster about GDV and other genome visualization and analysis tools.

The GDV is a genome browser supporting the exploration and analysis of more than 600 eukaryotic RefSeq genome assemblies.

The poster will present recent GDV updates, which include:

  • an integration with BLAST that offers tools for graphical analysis of alignment
  • new track offerings that show details of assembly-assembly alignments and evolutionary conservation
  • added support for the display of custom tracks representing externally hosted data, either from user-provided stand-alone remote files or those in the UCSC Track Hub format

Don’t think GDV provides the right tools for you? We will also highlight other visualization and analysis tools, such as Sequence Viewer, Coordinate Remapping Service, and Genome Decoration Page. These and other tools can be easily accessed from the NCBI human resources page.

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