Try out a new version of My Bibliography in NCBI Labs

My Bibliography is a component of My NCBI and allows you to create an online collection of your published work. You can import citations directly from PubMed or add them manually. For accounts linked to eRA Commons, you can associate citations with awards and manage compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

Are you a My Bibliography user?

We are working on a new My Bibliography and want your feedback! The new trial version of My Bibliography is an NCBI Labs experiment. It incorporates many improved features over the existing My Bibliography, including a color-coded view of compliance status, filtering by compliance status, and functionality on your phone.

mybib on labs

Anything you try or change in the NCBI Labs My Bibliography site will not affect content in your existing My Bibliography account, so feel free to experiment.

After trying the new My Bibliography, please let us know what you think.

9 thoughts on “Try out a new version of My Bibliography in NCBI Labs

  1. I’m furious that your site prompted me to try the new Lab experiment but didn’t provide an option to export the citations I created to the old interface. Why in the world would you do this? Please, for the love of God, make it apparent that the new interface cannot interact with the old in any way in the ORIGINAL redirect prompt. Thanks.

    • I echo Alan’s frustration. I wasted a little more time than necessary especially since this was my first exposure to My Bibliography. The new interface appears nicer, but it doesn’t seem to offer any more functionality than the original, it would be nice if it could accept EndNote formats or offer a way to select “all” on a search query when adding from PubMed…

  2. Does the option to distinguish “my bibliography” from “other citations” disappear? Both collections have been mixed and I used them for different purposes (my publications and those of my institution)

  3. It is absolutely insane that you would direct people to use the new my bibliography, and not have it communicate or be compatible with the “REAL” my bibliography. I just waste 2 hours.

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