RefSeq release 91 is public

RefSeq release 91 is public

RefSeq release 91 is accessible online, via FTP and through NCBI’s Entrez programming utilities, E-utilities.

This full release incorporates genomic, transcript, and protein data available as of November 5, 2018. It contains 179,672,083 records, including 125,530,811 proteins, 24,447,570 RNAs, and sequences from 85,308 organisms.

The release is provided in several directories as a complete dataset and as divided by logical groupings.

Special announcement: Matched Annotation by NCIB and EMBL-EBI (MANE) project

NCBI (RefSeq) and Ensembl (GENCODE) are now collaborating on the Matched Annotation by NCBI and EMBL-EBI (MANE) project to provide a matched set of well-supported transcripts for human protein-coding genes and define one representative transcript for each gene. Both RefSeq and Ensembl will continue to provide a rich set of alternate transcripts per gene. Further details are available in this NCBI Insights blog post from October 2018.

As part of this project, we anticipate updates to a large number of human RefSeq NM_ and NR_ transcripts beginning next month and continuing in batches through 2019. Please stay tuned to NCBI Insights for further details as this project progresses.

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