Update single records easily with ClinVar’s Single SCV Update

The ClinVar Team is happy to announce a new online form in the ClinVar Submission Portal, the Single SCV Update, which makes it easier for you to update a single record.

ClinVar_SIngle_SCV_2The new ClinVar Single SCV Update form showing the sections for editing the evaluation date, clinical significance, condition, and citations.

You can update several fields in the online form:

  • The clinical significance/interpretation of the variant
  • The date that the variant was last evaluated
  • The comment on clinical significance
  • The mode of inheritance for the variant and disease
  • The condition for which the variant was interpreted
  • Citations on clinical significance

You can still submit updates to other fields and updates to a batch of records with the ClinVar submission spreadsheet template.

Visit the ClinVar website for information on submitting.

Who should use the Single SCV Update?

Any submitter who wants to update their interpretation of a single variant in ClinVar quickly can use the Single SCV Update without waiting for their next regular update to ClinVar.

For example, an expert panel or clinical laboratory may wish to reclassify a variant from medically actionable to not actionable (e.g., from Pathogenic to Uncertain significance) or vice versa. In this situation,  you could use Single SCV Update to quickly and easily update the variant’s interpretation in ClinVar.

Or perhaps your lab participated in conflict resolution with other labs and now want to update one of your records to reflect the outcome of that resolution. Or maybe you discover an error in interpretation that was submitted previously and want to make the correction in ClinVar. These both would be cases in which you might find Single SCV Update useful.

Please send your feedback on the Single SCV Update to clinvar@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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