Check out improved tooltips in NCBI’s genome browsers and sequence displays!

We’ve recently improved the tooltips for gene features in NCBI’s graphical sequence displays in Genome Data Viewer (GDV) and on many resource pages, such as Gene and dbSNP.  These enhancements include quick details and helpful links about the feature and gene.

Figure 1
Figure 1. Merged transcript and CDS pair tooltip.

Tooltips (Figure 1) for expanded RNA or CDS gene features report the Title (a), Location (b), and lengths of the RNA (c), CDS (d), and Protein (e). Tooltips for merged transcript and CDS features report both the mRNA and Protein Titles (a).  Gene feature tooltips also contain links to download the FASTA (h) and GenBank (i) views of assembly and RefSeq sequences, as well as links (j) to internal and external resources, including the corresponding NCBI Gene database entry.

What’s new?

Figure 2
Figure 2. mRNA features tooltip.


Figure 3
Figure 3. CDS features tooltip.

At closer zoom levels, gene tooltips now report the assembly, RNA (Figure 2) and/or protein (Figure 3) feature positions (f) and flanking sequence (g) corresponding to where the tool tip was activated. The precise nucleotide or amino acid at the site of activation is marked by a square bracket. The position and sequence information will change dynamically depending on where the tool tip is activated. Sequences are reported 5′ to 3′ for nucleic acids (or N-terminus to C-terminus for protein) relative to the RNA or protein feature.

Tool tips in the graphical display are activated when hovering over a feature. You can choose to pin the tooltip to keep it open since the tooltip will close once you navigate away from the position where it was originally activated. All information within tooltips may be highlighted and copied. Additional details on tooltips are available here.

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