Big changes coming to My Bibliography in 2019!

Update: The new version of My Bibliography described below is available. Thank you for your feedback while we tested the changes in NCBI Labs.

As we announced in October, a new My Bibliography is coming soon! We encourage you to preview the new service and let us know what you think. You can safely try out this new version without affecting anything in your existing My Bibliography.

With an all new look and feel, it will be easier than ever to manage and share your work. While the clean, new interface will make managing your collection a breeze, the new pages layout will make it easier to manage very large bibliographies. You’ll also be able to search within your bibliography for keywords, author names, and grant numbers to quickly filter your view to only the most relevant citations for you.

While there are big changes on the way, the functions you rely on won’t be going anywhere. The link between My Bibliography and eRA Commons for NIH grant reporting won’t be interrupted. My Bibliography will also continue to interface with SciENcv just as it does now, and the public URL for your Bibliography won’t change.

We want your feedback on the upcoming changes to My Bibliography! After trying the new My Bibliography, please let us know what you think.

9 thoughts on “Big changes coming to My Bibliography in 2019!

  1. It is not true that “the link between My Bibliography and eRA Commons for NIH grant reporting won’t be interrupted.”

    We are submitting the RPPR for today’s May deadline. All publications associated with this grant were properly linked through MyNCBI and displayed accurately in the RPPR yesterday, but today, when the report is due at NIH, the entire table of publications is gone from the eRA Commons RPPR page. We cannot submit the RPPR without these publications.

    We have discovered that MyNCBI was being updated between 10am and noon today and the service has been “unavailable” (screenshot below), but can we expect that the table will repopulate itself shortly in eRA Commons so that we can meet the NIH deadline today? There are dozens of publications that should appear linked with this grant.

    This is an urgent problem.

  2. Mine shows a bunch flagged as ‘manually entered’ (which I do not recall doing). I went through the warning dialog to de-duplicate 14 of them, yet there are still seemingly a dozen or so that are marked ‘manually entered’. They are all marked with public access issues, so I will need to delete them manually after making sure they are actually duplicates (all of them had no public access issues prior to this update). My public profile seems to show the correct number of items, but the MyNCBI shows an extra 21. One of those was added because it was affiliated with my grant, but I was not an author. It does not show up on the public profile (which is good). I tried to search for ‘public profile’ in the support page to learn more about why a paper that is not mine shows up in my bibliography, just to be directed to this link (, which loops back to the root (

    It appears all of my linked publications to SciENcv are also now broken. I have to remake my biosketches now, too.

    It’s definitely prettier, but I did not count on having to redo my bibliography, public access compliance, or SciENcv while preparing for a grant submission. Quite a mess.

  3. It appears My Bibliography is linked to grants now in my account. This created a total mess because 1) my older papers are gone, and 2) many papers from others in shared grants are in my Bibliography now.

    I tried a few times to delete the papers that I’m not a coauthor, but failed!!!

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