Change the way your graphs look with Genome Data Viewer’s enhanced settings

If you need to change your graph type – say, from histogram to line graph or a heat map – in Genome Data Viewer (GDV), you can now do so with a few clicks.

Click on the track name of any graph track to change the display (see Figure 1A, B and C).

Figure 1. Click on a track name to expose the graph settings menu (A). Set graph display style (B) to histogram, heat map or line graph (C).

You can also switch the scale of the displayed data from linear to log (Figure 2) in the graph setting menu (Figure 1B).

Figure 2. Follow the steps shown in Fig. 1 to access the graph settings menu and use Linear/Log Scale option to modify the scale (A). Scale value range can be customized manually for a line graph in linear scale, but some data clipping may occur for outliers (see alert highlighted in yellow). You can adjust the display of all tracks belonging to the same composite track group with a single click (B).

To learn more about these enhancements, watch this short demo.

Try out these enhancements and share your thoughts with us by clicking the green Feedback button on the bottom right of your GDV browser.

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