IgBLAST 1.13.0 now available

IgBLAST is a popular NCBI package for classifying and analyzing  immunoglobulin and T cell receptor variable domain sequences. We’ve released a new version of IgBLAST with three new improvements:

  1. The new release determines the V gene reading frame from the end of FWR3 region instead of end of V gene.  This helps identify the correct reading frames for rearrangements that have insertions or deletions near the V gene end.
  2. The allowed distance between V gene end and J gene start has been increased to 225 bp to allow detection of ultra long D/N regions.
  3. The standalone program and files has been repackaged to make it easier  to install.

The new release is available from the BLAST FTP area, along with a new manual on GitHub.

2 thoughts on “IgBLAST 1.13.0 now available

  1. please test the above fasta file

    I wonder why some sequences among them can not show the blast results

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