Bring your own data to the computational virology workshop at LSU New Orleans

Attention all aspirational computational virologists and cloud-curious bioinformaticians! NCBI is hosting a free workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana April 23 and 24.

Choose your own adventure: participants may bring their own data and/or work with public data housed at NCBI.

Day 1 will consist of a short cloud-onboarding session, introduction to Jupyter notebooks, SRA and BLAST intros, and more! On day 2, we’ll roll our sleeves up in a working session around phylogenetic clustering of sequences where we’ll look for unknown viruses.

BYOD (bring your own data) and apply today! Please fill outĀ the application formĀ in its entirety by Tuesday, April 9th.

Attendee insights will be made publicly available on GitHub.

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