Advanced search comes to PubMed Labs

Advanced Search is now available in PubMed Labs!

advanced search pubmed
Figure 1. PubMed Advanced Search.

The tools included with Advanced Search help you:

  • Search for terms in a specific field (such as Author)
  • Combine searches and build large, complex search strings
  • See how your query was translated by PubMed
  • Compare number of results for different queries
  • Download your search history

We will continue to add new features to PubMed Labs on a regular basis, such as the ability to save a search to My NCBI. Eventually, this new platform will replace the current PubMed. The absence of a feature in PubMed Labs does not mean it is planned for elimination in the upcoming new PubMed.

We welcome your feedback. Please submit your comments, questions, or concerns using the “Feedback” button available on every page of PubMed Labs.

One thought on “Advanced search comes to PubMed Labs

  1. I really love the feature in current PubMed where all the MeSH terms are listed below and you can pick and choose with one click what to add to your search. It’s so simple and effective. Will the new version PubMed support this functionality? It doesn’t appear to work in the current Labs version.

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