Easily configure gene feature modes in NCBI’s graphical sequence displays

Did you know you can easily switch between gene feature modes in NCBI’s graphical sequence displays like Sequence Viewer and GDV? You may need to configure gene tracks to suit your needs if, for example, you need to conduct analyses or present quality images.

Use one of two easy access points to the gene configuration menu to show the gene bar, the single line gene model or the expanded modes that show transcripts and CDSs.

  • Track name
Figure 1.png
Figure 1. Click the gene track name to access the track configuration menu.


  • The main ‘Tracks’ configuration menu on the top toolbar
Figure 2.png
Figure 2. Access the gene track configuration menu via the ‘Tracks’ menu.

Watch this YouTube video if you’d like to learn more about the menu enhancements.

Below are a few examples of what the different modes look like.

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Finally, you can also check Product Features on the display settings menu to show features that are annotated on the transcript or CDS.

features that are annotated on the transcript or CDS.

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