New BLAST results page in NCBI LABS

NCBI Labs is showcasing an experiment to improve the BLAST results page. The goal is to provide a more useful BLAST output that better meets your needs and integrates with your workflows. The new results incorporate feedback from surveys and interviews with BLAST users. We think you’ll find the new results are more compact, easier to navigate, and expose useful formatting and other features that you may not have known about.

The results page has organism, percent identity, and E value filters in plain view and easily accessible. The Descriptions and Graphic Summary are on separate tabs, and the popular taxonomy view is on a fourth tab rather than on a separate web page. These changes along with other enhancements make the display more concise and easier to navigate. The figure below shows the new output format.

Blast_resultsFigure 1. The New BLAST Results with filters directly on the page and a more concise tabbed output that includes the taxonomy report. The Back to Traditional Results Page link re-loads the results in the standard format.

You can load the results shown in the figure to get an interactive view of the new page or launch your own search and display the results in the new format. Simply check the box on right-hand side of the submission form for the New Results. To return to the traditional view, click the Back to the Traditional Results page link at the top of the New Results. Please view our video introduction to the new results for highlights of these and other improvements in the display.

We may incorporate the new Results page in its current or a revised form based on your input. Please test it out and let us know what you think.

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