Temporarily save citations with Clipboard in PubMed Labs

In PubMed Labs, you can now use your clipboard as a scratchpad to temporarily collect citations. You can save a maximum of 500 citations at a time from one or more searches and you don’t need to log in to use this feature. However, the items saved to your clipboard will expire after 8 hours of inactivity.

pubmed labs clipboard

PubMed Labs is under active development and new features will be introduced on a regular basis as we continue to enhance the system. Please note: the absence of a PubMed tool in PubMed Labs does not mean it is planned for elimination.

What do you think of our new feature? Please submit your comments, questions, or concerns using the “Feedback” button available on each page of PubMed Labs.

One thought on “Temporarily save citations with Clipboard in PubMed Labs

  1. I have personal interest and 2 questions:
    1) Will citations support Bibtex format?
    2) Where is the RSS functionality to generate feeds on search queries? Are you taking that out? It is THE most important feature so far. Cluttering peoples mailboxes with search updates is unpractical.

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