Try our new SRA data management tools!

Have you ever needed to correct or improve SRA metadata after submitting, change the release date for your data or share your data with reviewers? Now you can perform these tasks yourself using the SRA data management features now LIVE in Submission Portal!

If you have an SRA submission and associated BioProject and BioSample, you can log into the Submission Portal, go to the Manage data tab, click into that BioProject and easily perform the following common tasks (Figure 1).

  • Create a link for your reviewer (or a collaborator). In one click, you can generate a temporary, read-only URL to share along with an auto-generated email ready to forward
  • Release your data immediately or extend the release date if you need more time to publish
  • Update your SRA metadata: modify your SRA description, edit library information, and more!Manage_dataFigure 1.  Managing SRA data in the Submission Portal. Go to Manage data in the Submission Portal, and click a BioProject to see options allowing  you to create a reviewer link, change release date, or edit the SRA metadata.

Please let us know what you think of these new features and suggest improvements by providing feedback at

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