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Introducing the Genome Submission Wizard in Genome Workbench v3.0

Genome Workbench version 3 is a major upgrade, including the addition of the Genome Submission Wizard. This video guides you through the wizard, from uploading your genome data file to completion of the submitter report, which is ready to submit to GenBank using tools such as Submission Portal or BankIt. Note: An on-line tutorial is under “Manuals” on the Genome Workbench home page.

NCBI Minute: An updated PubMed is on its way!

This video highlights the main features you can expect in the new PubMed. A timeline is included, as is some background on the new PubMed development process.

NCBI Minute: A beginner’s guide to genes and sequences at NCBI

Interested in learning about genes and sequences but don’t know how to begin? This webinar, intended for people with limited experience working with sequence information, will provide you with basic knowledge on how to find and compare nucleotide and protein sequences. You will learn about the kinds of data available for genes and sequences, how to select the most informative records, and how to find related genes and sequences using pre-computed information and the BLAST sequence search service.

NCBI Minute: An insider’s guide to the new My Bibliography

My Bibliography is a central place to save and share your citations. You can add PubMed citations, create them manually, or upload them from citation managers. In this webinar you will learn how to navigate the new interface, receive a few helpful tips to make your experience easier, get a sneak peek of features under development, and learn how you can help us improve My Bibliography by providing feedback.

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