Bulk track hub settings now in Genome Data Viewer

You now have access to bulk settings options for track hubs  in the Genome Data Viewer (GDV) and Sequence Viewer. These settings allow you to pick the default tracks that load into the viewer from your chosen track hub.  You can access the bulk options menu for by clicking on the collapsed menu  or “hamburger” icon (stack of horizontal bars) at the right end of the track grouping in the Configure Track Hubs dialog (Figure 1).Bulk_SettingsFigure 1. The Configure Track Hubs dialog in GDV. You can activate the bulk settings menu for a connected track hub by clicking on hamburger icon at the right of the track grouping.  Clicking Select Default tracks checks on all of the tracks in that grouping, Smoothed PhyloCSF in this case. The bulk options menu includes the option to Select Default Tracks, which checks on all tracks in the grouping/genome level that were marked as default by the original track creator. The Unselect Tracks option unchecks in bulk all tracks in the grouping level.

The menu for the top level genome also includes the option to List Only Default Tracks in the configure menu. When checked, this option will remove non-default tracks from view in the dialog, which lets you more easily review only the tracks that the track creator marked as default. The option to Reset All unselects and unregisters all tracks in the hub for the corresponding genome assembly.  Click the Configure button at the bottom right of the dialog  to apply changes to the graphical viewer.  You can always click Cancel to disregard any changes made using the bulk options menu.

See the GDV documentation for more on User Data and Track Hubs.



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