CCDS Release 23 for Mouse Now in Entrez Gene

Are you interested in high quality genomic annotations for human and mouse? Check out the Consensus Coding Sequence (CCDS) project! Release 23 of the CCDS project is now available in Entrez Gene. This release compares NCBI’s Mus musculus annotation release 108 to Ensembl’s annotation release 98. This update adds 1,570 new CCDS records and 175 genes to the mouse CCDS dataset. In total, release 23 includes 27,219 CCDS records that correspond to 20,486 genes.

You can find links to CCDS records in the “NCBI Reference Sequences” section of an Entrez Gene report (Figure 1).

CCDS link on Entrez Gene report
Figure 1. NCBI Reference Sequence section of the Entrez Gene report for the mouse TPO gene. The link to the corresponding CCDS record is highlighted.

If you have questions or comments about CCDS, please let us know!

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