Request for proposals: Single Cell in the Cloud codeathon at NYGC in January

Request for proposals: Single Cell in the Cloud codeathon at NYGC in January

The New York Genome Center is hosting an NCBI  Single Cell in the cloud codeathon from January 15-17, 2020. Submissions for project proposals are due December 2nd.

Please submit your proposal and apply here.

What topics are in scope?

This codeathon will focus on single cell data, including RNA, DNA, and chromatin accessibility.  We are particularly interested in proposals for pipelines and analysis of SRA data, data interoperability, and using machine learning techniques in clustering.  We also welcome proposals for tutorial pipelines and educational tools. You will have access to computational resources in the Cloud to turn your idea into a working prototype.   Visit our website for examples of previous codeathon projects.

Do I have to lead a team?

You can choose to lead your project team, recommend someone, or we can try to find a suitable team lead.  Providing a designated team lead dramatically increases the probability that we will select the project for the codeathon.

Do I need to assemble a team?

No. We will create working groups of five to six individuals who have various backgrounds and relevant expertise to work on each project.

What are my responsibilities as a team lead?

The team leader will coordinate a group of 5-6 people in defining the project and producing clear vision for developing a solution. To accomplish this goal, the team lead must define and delegate tasks, incorporate team members’ ideas to accomplish the goal, and ensure the team’s success. All participants in the codeathon, including team leads, will need to be present for all three days of the codeathon.  Please bring a laptop!

What if I only want to participate?

Applications for those who would like to participate in the codeathon will be available in mid-December.

Please feel free to contact Allissa Dillman  if you have questions or need more information.

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