BLAST+ 2.10.0 now available with improved composition-based statistics

The BLAST+ 2.10.0 release is now available from our FTP site.  The new version offers the following improvements:

  • updated composition-based statistics for protein-protein (including translated BLAST) comparisons to provide stable results when you request fewer than the default number of results
  • an experimental Adaptive Composition Based Statistics option that increases the likelihood of finding novel results.  To enable this option set the environment variable ADAPTIVE_CBS to 1.  We welcome your feedback on this new option.

See the release notes for details on more  improvements and bug fixes with this release.

The new version fully supports the version 5 (v5) databases with built in taxonomy and other improvements. For more information on v5 databases (download), see the previous NCBI Insights article and the recording of our webinar.  If you are still using the older version 4 (v4) databases, we recommend you begin using the v5 version as soon as possible.  We will discontinue updates to the older v4 databases in early 2020.

4 thoughts on “BLAST+ 2.10.0 now available with improved composition-based statistics

  1. Hi,
    I have some issues. I download ncbi-blast-2.10.0+-x64-linux.tar.gz and I ran the blastp but I found that the verison is 2.6.0. The same issue is for blastn.

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