Recent improvements to the genome Assembly resource

We’re constantly making improvements to the NCBI genome Assembly resource. This post points out some recent advances, highlighted in Figure 1 and described in more detail below.Surv_projFigure 1.  New improvements to the Assembly web pages. The results page showing the surveillance project filter (lower left), which excludes 28,220 Klebsiella pneumoniae assemblies from the Pathogen Detection Project, and the Download Assemblies button with a link to the File type description (circled in red, upper right). For other improvements in the Download Assemblies menu see our recent post.

We’ve added new file types and new features to make downloading data and analyses easier.  You can now:

  • Better identify and understand the types of data available through the ‘Download Assemblies’ menu that has files types organized into related groups and links to file descriptions.
  • Download data from the Assembly report page using  ‘Download Assemblies’ button that provides the same functionality as the button on the search results.

See our recent post for a detailed view of the ‘Download Assemblies’ menu.

We’ve improved the search experience as well. You can now:

  • Easily find records using strain names since we now index infraspecific names as phrases as well as single words resulting in better results for searches for a particular bacterial strain (Example: “ATCC 25586”). 
  • Exclude the often huge number of redundant genome assemblies generated by pathogen surveillance projects using a new filter (Figure 1).
  • Quickly see the highest quality and most relevant assembles as we now give priority in the results to those with the highest N50, one measure of assembly quality, and to assemblies from type strains or specimens.
  • Search with space or comma separated lists of assembly accessions (Example: GCF_001633185.1,GCF_002906115.1,GCA_900067695.1)

In addition, paired genome diploid assemblies now indicate the principal pseudohaplotype (Examples: Great Dane (dog),  Mustela ermina).

See the Assembly Help page for more details.

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