Conserved Domain Database (CDD) v. 3.18 is now available

The latest version of the Conserved Domain Database contains 2,128 new or updated NCBI-curated domains and now mirrors Pfam version 32 as well as models from NCBIfams, a collection of protein family hidden Markov models (HMMs) for improving bacterial genome annotation. We have also added fine-grained classifications of the cupin and PBP1 superfamilies. You can find this updated content on the CDD FTP site. Read on for detailed release statistics.

 Database statistics for CDD version 3.18:

Models Source
59,807 total models from all Source Databases
16,068 NCBI CDD curation effort
183 NCBIfams
1,012 SMART v6.0
17,919 PFAM v32
4,871 COGs v1.0
10,885 NCBI Protein Clusters
4,488 TIGRFAM v15
59,807 Total models from all Source Databases

Organized into 4,381 multi-model Superfamilies

The Conserved Domain Database is a resource for the annotation of functional units in proteins.  This collection of domain models includes a set curated by NCBI that utilizes 3D structure to provide insights into sequence/structure/function relationships.

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