Flies Are A-buzzing in RefSeq!

Are you interested in comparative genomics or other studies using Drosophila genomics?

Then don’t miss our online poster #568A at TAGC 2020 Online (no meeting registration required). Also, tune in to the online Q&A session on Monday, April 27 at 12:00 – 12:30 pm EDT.

What’s happening? In coordination with FlyBase, we are transitioning almost all of the RefSeq Drosophila assemblies to annotation produced primarily by NCBI’s eukaryotic genome annotation pipeline. We’ll continue to use the FlyBase annotation for Drosophila melanogaster (soon to be updated to Release 6.32), but we’ll annotate the other species using available RNA-seq datasets and our latest software. This will allow us to provide consistent, high-quality annotations across the full spectrum of Drosophila species, and also rapidly provide annotations as new high-quality assemblies become available. Another benefit is that these annotations will be available in the full suite of NCBI resources, including nucleotide, protein, BLAST, GeneGenome Data Viewer, Genomes, Assembly, and more. You can download these annotation data from the NCBI genomes FTP site or you can try the new NCBI Datasets tool. By special request, we’re making orthology data relative to D. melanogaster available on the Gene FTP site, and plan to expose that data in our public pages in the future.

We now include 30 Drosophila species in the RefSeq dataset, with more planned. Of the original eleven published by the Drosophila 12 Genomes Consortium in 2007, updates for nine are finished and the remaining two are planned. Most use new high-contiguity assemblies that have been publicly released in the last few years. All RefSeq annotations are within the public domain. Please cite the assembly providers and this paper if using these data.


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