A new version of IgBLAST (1.16.0) is here!

We’ve released a new version (1.16.0) of IgBLAST , the popular NCBI package for classifying and analyzing immunoglobulin (IG) and T cell receptor (TCR) variable domain sequences. Version 1.16.0 has three new improvements.

  1. Added the ability to extend the J gene alignment at 3’ the end of the region (Figure 1). This allows you to view the unaligned bases that otherwise would not be included because of low sequence similarity. IgBLAST_options

Figure 1. The new “extend alignment at the 3′ end” option on the IgBLAST web form. The command line option is ‘-extend_align3end’.

2. Added support for the AIRR complete_vdj field.  This field is marked true if the sequence alignment spans the entire V(D)J region from the first V gene codon that encodes the mature polypeptide chain to the last complete codon of the J gene, before the J-C splice site. This is not affected by deletions within the internal FWR and CDR regions of the alignment.

3. Added support for custom organisms. You can now use IgBLAST for your own organism of interest as long as you can provide annotation files.

One other change is that we removed standard BLAST that are not used in IgBLAST.

You can download the new release from the FTP site. Check out the manual on GitHub for more details.

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