RefSeq Release 202 is public

RefSeq release 202 is accessible online, via FTP and through NCBI’s Entrez programming utilities, E-utilities.

This full release incorporates genomic, transcript, and protein data available as of September 8, 2020, and contains 255,571,455 records, including 186,755,483 proteins, 33,077,068 RNAs, and sequences from 104,969  organisms. The release is provided in several directories as a complete dataset and also as divided by logical groupings.

Updated human genome Annotation Release 109.20200815
Updated Annotation Release 109.2020815 is an update of NCBI Homo sapiens Annotation Release 109. The annotation report is available here.

The annotation products are available in the sequence databases and on the FTP site.

This update includes around 15,000 updated RefSeq transcripts revised to use CAGE and polyA data to define 5′ and 3′ ends, and match the reference GRCh38 sequence.

Coronavirus host gene regulatory elements now annotated by RefSeq Functional Elements
The RefSeq Functional Elements project at NCBI has prioritized curation of experimentally validated regulatory elements for human host genes associated with SARS-CoV-2 entry into cells. The annotations include several enhancers, promoters, cis-regulatory elements and protein binding sites, among other feature types. We annotated 236 regulatory features for 27 distinct biological regions, including regulatory elements for the ABO, ACE2, ANPEP, CD209, CLEC4G, CLEC4M, CTSL, DPP4, and TMPRSS2 genes. More information can be found here.

New eukaryotic genome annotations
This release includes new annotations generated by NCBI’s eukaryotic genome annotation pipeline for 27 species, including:

  • maize annotation release 103, based on the new assembly Zm-B73-REFERENCE-NAM-5.0 (GCF_902167145.1)
  • marmoset annotation release 105, based on the new assembly Callithrix_jacchus_cj1700_1.1 (GCF_009663435.1)
  • Chinese hamster annotation release 104, based on the assembly CriGri_1.0 (GCF_000223135.1) and the new assembly CriGri-PICRH-1.0 (GCF_003668045.3)
  • Asian giant hornet annotation release 100, based on the new assembly V.mandarinia_Nanaimo_p1.0 (GCF_014083535.2)
  • Florida lancelet annotation release 100, based on the new assembly Bfl_VNyyK (GCF_000003815.2)
  • Anopheles stephensi annotation release 100, based on the new assembly UCI_ANSTEP_V1.0 (GCF_013141755.1)

Updated and improved collection of RefSeq representative genome assemblies now available
The collection of representative genome assemblies for Bacteria and Archaea contains 11,727 prokaryotic assemblies to represent their respective species. More information can be found here.

Updated protein family models used by PGAP available for download
Release 3.0 of the NCBI protein family models used by the Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline (PGAP) is now available.

This release contains 17,350 models: 12,864 HMMs built at NCBI (111 more than in release 2.0) and 4,486 TIGRFAM HMMs. In addition, since release 2.0, we have assigned product names to over 2,000 Pfam HMMs, bringing the total to 6,698 Pfam HMMs with names that can be transferred by PGAP to the annotated proteins they hit. More information can be found here.

Future change: Mouse Reference Assembly Update
RefSeq annotation of the new mouse GRCm39 assembly is in progress, and is expected to be included in the next release.

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