Recent enhancements in Genome Workbench version 3.5.0

New Features

Version 3.5.0 of Genome Workbench, NCBI’s sequence annotation and analysis platform, includes two new features.  First, we improved the phylogenetic reconstruction algorithm to add sequence additional meta-information, such as isolation source, collection date, and country. This is useful for analyzing coronaviruses, for example.  For more information on this feature, check out our new tutorials: creating phylogenetic tree starting from search and creating phylogenetic tree from a multiple alignment.

Second, we made tooltip improvements in the Graphical Sequence View to include information about insertions and unaligned data.

Bug fixes and Improvements

We made a number of other fixes and improvements.  In Text View we fixed a crash in showing certain AGP data. With AGP export, we fixed an issue where sequence IDs from AGP did not match sequence IDs from FASTA file (when sequence ranges were used).

In Tree View, we fixed a crash on search and a tooltip issue where tooltip meta-information disappeared when a custom label was set.  We also improved startup time and fixed some visual issues in tooltips in the Graphical Sequence View.

Finally, in the Editing Package, we modified the control layout in the Table Reader dialog to fit onto small screens; improved the speed of Table Reader; and fixed several cases for when Undo did not work after importing a feature table.

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