New PubMed updates and retirement of legacy PubMed on October 31

The new PubMed has been the default now since May, and more than 99% of you are using the new site. The recent NLM technical bulletin has details on features that we have added to the new PubMed based on your requests.

Legacy PubMed, which has been available in parallel with the new PubMed, will be finally taken down after October 31, 2020.  We will continue to provide API access to PubMed through the E-utilities, which uses the legacy system, for the foreseeable future and until we can transition to an API that accesses the new system.

We understand that it can take time to adapt to changes and find favorite features in a new interface. Several learning and training resources are available to help you use the new PubMed:

Future development plans

We will continue to enhance and add features to the new PubMed. Future development plans include new RESTful API to replace E-utilities access, updating pages such as Clinical Queries to the new platform, and other improvements.

Please follow the Technical Bulletin and the PubMed New and Noteworthy feed for the latest updates on features and PubMed news.


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