IgBLAST 1.17 is now available with improved identification of productive V gene sequences

A new release of IgBLAST (1.17), the popular package for classifying and analyzing immunoglobulin and T cell receptor sequences, is now available on the web and from the FTP site. The updated package is better at identifying productive V gene sequences. We added a new field , “V frame shift”, to the IgBLAST output to indicate whether the V gene translation frame contains a frame-shift. We have also updated the definition of a productive V(D)J sequence to now exclude those with internal frame shifts (Figure 1).

Figure 1. A portion of the web IgBLAST output showing the new “V frame shift” field. The results of this field now inform the classification of the sequence as Productive (Yes / No).

See the new IgBLAST manual on the NCBI GitHub site for more information on setting up and running IgBLAST.


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