Search NCBI’s Pathogen Detection websites with simple keywords

We’ve redesigned the filters on NCBI’s Pathogen Detection websites to make searching easier!

For example, say you wanted to search for outbreak isolates related to flour. Before the filters were redesigned, you’d have to know that some of the available metadata terms include “flour”, “All-purpose Wheat flour”, and “wheat flour”, along with seventeen other terms. Now, you can see all of your available options after typing in your search term and select only those that are relevant to your search.

Figure 1. Isolates Browser. The “Filters” button to see and search all filters.

Continuing with our flour example, you’d click on the “Filters” button (Figure 1), then “Isolation Source” in the Available filters column, then type “flour” to get the following display:

Figure 2. Typing a keyword into the search bar brings up all possible metadata terms. Note that the filters also provide counts of how many entries are linked to that metadata field.

You then could filter your results further to include only those isolates associated with certain kinds of flour and that also are Escherichia coli:

Figure 3. Add another filter by clicking the check boxes in the Available filters column (far left). This further narrows down the results.

This filtering system is not only in the Isolate Browser, but also in the Microbial Browser for Identification of Genetic and Genomic Elements (MicroBIGG-E), as well as the Reference Gene Catalog.

Give the new filters a try today, and if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact the NCBI Pathogen Detection team at

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