Read assembly and Annotation Pipeline Tool (RAPT) is available for use and testing

We are excited to launch a beta version of RAPT, the Read assembly and Annotation Pipeline Tool, a one-step application for the genome assembly and gene annotation of archaeal and bacterial isolates. Start from an Illumina run in SRA or on your local machine and get a fully annotated genome!

A RAPT Docker container includes SKESA, a high-accuracy assembler for short reads, PGAP, the annotation pipeline written in the common workflow language (CWL) and used by RefSeq, and cwltool, the reference implementation for CWL. A RAPT release also includes a set of reference data that are critical for a quality annotation. RAPT can be executed with Docker, Singularity or podman on any local or remote machine meeting basic requirements. For users of the Google Cloud Platform, RAPT can be launched from the Google Shell without configuring a virtual machine in advance.

To learn more about RAPT, register for our upcoming webinar.

Questions? Interest in becoming a beta tester? Contact us!

RAPT is available here.

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