updates the PRS Guided Tutorials, step-by-step instructions for data providers

The PRS Guided Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions to help data providers submit information to and aims to reduce the number of quality-control reviews needed. The team has updated the PRS Guided Tutorials to make them more useful in response to user feedback obtained through focus groups and survey responses over the past year.

The PRS Guided Tutorials can be accessed from the Support Materials and Training Materials pages of the website and from within the PRS. Links in the PRS modules take users directly to the relevant tutorial. The PRS Guided Tutorials are grouped into three sections: Registration Tutorials, Study Documents Tutorial, and Results Tutorials. Each tutorial provides a PRS module overview, data element descriptions, step-by-step instructions with images from the PRS for entering information using a Parallel study design example, and tips to identify and prevent the most common issues identified in the Results Quality Control (QC) review process. Although the tutorials are designed to be reviewed in order, you can review individual topics as needed, and the tutorials are available on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone). Each tutorial features example figures, questions and answers about optional aspects of results data entry, downloadable and printable tutorial PDFs, and links to additional resources such as checklists, templates, and definitions.

User feedback has resulted in several key additions. The PRS Guided Tutorials have two new sections: The Quick Start is designed to help new users get the most from the tutorials, and the PDF Library has all of the tutorial content in a single place, readily available for download. Other enhancements include updated images and improved magnification, additional study examples from materials developed for the behavioral sciences community, and revisions to the Introduction and tutorial content for added clarity and guidance. Please note that audio narration has been removed from this version.

We are continually looking for more ways to enrich the tutorials. Please share your ideas through the PRS Guided Tutorials survey. You can also get timely updates from Hot Off the PRS! and email at when you need additional support.





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