New NCBI Datasets home and documentation pages provide easier access

NCBI Datasets, the new set of services for downloading genome assembly and annotation data (previous Datasets posts), has redesigned and reorganized web pages to make it easier to find and access the services and documentation you need.

NCBI Datasets has a fresh new homepage (Figure 1) highlighting the types of data available through our tools. Available data include genome assemblies, genes, and SARS-CoV-2 genomic and protein data.  You can easily access these from the new page or learn more with our new documentation pages.

Figure 1. Features of the new Datasets homepage with quick access to help documentation including the Quickstart and How-to guides as well as access to Genome, Gene, and Coronavirus Data, and the Datasets and Dataformat command-line tools.

Our new NCBI Datasets documentation will help you get answers faster. If you are new to Datasets try our Quickstarts  to quickly get started using our web pages and tools. How-tos describe common workflows and data requests and provide multiple solutions — our web pages, command-line tools, python and R packages.

For example, if you need to download human genome data, including sequence, annotation and metadata, see the Download genome data How-to guide to get data using the Genomes web page, datasets command-line tool, python and R.

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