BLAST+ 2.12.0 now available with more efficient multithreaded searches

BLAST+ 2.12.0  programs feature better multithreaded searches and support a different threading model, threading by query, that can be more efficient in some situations.  The new release is also fully compatible the increase in the numeric range for the GI identifier, which will take effect in the nucleotide database later this year.  The list below shows details of the new features and bug fixes.  You can download the new BLAST release from the FTP site.

New features

  • Threading by query batch for BLASTN, BLASTP, BLASTX, RPSBLAST, and RPSTBLASTN may make searches with large numbers of queries more efficient, especially if the database is small or the search is limited by taxid. Use “-mt_mode 1” to enable this option.
  • Makeblastdb requires less virtual memory for smaller databases.
  • Makeprofiledb creates multiple volumes for a CDD database, which allows RPSBLAST to handle a larger number of records. The number of SMP files included in a volume can be controlled with the new -new_smp_vol option.
  • now supports the “-showall pretty” option for databases hosted at the NCBI and reports the database timestamp in ISO8601 format..

Bug fixes

  • Fixed phiblast core dump when -subject option is used.
  • Fixed memory leak in setup procedures.

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