Gene filtering in NCBI Sequence Viewer

Gene filtering in NCBI Sequence Viewer

We are excited to announce new track display options for gene annotation tracks in the NCBI Genome Data Viewer genome browser and other instances of the NCBI Sequence Viewer!

Now, you can simplify gene annotation tracks to show only the genes and transcripts that you care about most.  For instance, you can choose to hide non-coding transcripts, including pseudogenes, so that only protein-coding transcript variants are shown in your view. You can also hide any transcript models predicted using NCBI’s Gnomon algorithm. Learn more:

Below is a view of the NCBI Gene annotation track showing the region around the human SLCA4 gene, without track filtering vs filtered to hide non-coding and model genes and transcripts:

For some genomes, including human and mouse, you also have options to show only variants that are part of the CCDS project or have been designated as the RefSeq or MANE Select variant. This filtering option may allow you to find variants that are more likely to be functionally relevant.

An example of an Ensembl genes track filtered to show only transcript variants that encode a protein validated by the CCDS project is shown below:

You can export a quality image of your filtered view for presentations and publications using the Printer-Friendly PDF/SVG option in the Downloads menu.

Have a good analysis! Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions using the Feedback link on the page or by writing to the NCBI Help Desk (

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