NCBI on YouTube: ClinVar API, check data with GaPTools, get genetic context with Sequence Viewer

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Introducing GaPTools for dbGaP Submitters

This video introduces new standalone software called GaPTools, which you can use to check your data before submitting to dbGaP. GaPTools uses the same preliminary validation checks as the dbGaP submission portal.

NCBI Minute: Use Web RAPT to Assemble and Annotate Prokaryotic Genomes

Presented May 19, 2021. In this webinar, you will learn to use the Read Assembly and Annotation Pipeline tool, RAPT, on the web. Web RAPT is a pilot service to assemble and annotate public or private Illumina genomic reads sequenced from bacterial or archaeal isolates at the click of a button.

NCBI Minute: Quickly Upload and View Your Own Data in Genomic Context

Presented June 2, 2021. Learn how to use the Genome Data Viewer and the Sequence Viewer to visualize your own uploaded data (indexed BAM, VCF, BED, wig, GFF formats), data from public track hubs, and your BLAST and Primer-BLAST results. You will also learn to take advantage of features of the viewers including optimizing display settings, sharing a view with collaborators, exporting images, and downloading genes or other features in the view.

Introducing the ClinVar Submission API

The ClinVar team has developed a RESTful API to help with large submissions and to make it easier to update your existing data.

NCBI Minute: My NCBI Password Retirement Update & Wizard Demo

Presented July 28, 2021. The NCBI-managed password you set when you registered your NCBI account and use to log in to My NCBI, SciENcv, My Bibliography, or submit data to NCBI is being retired. You will soon need to use a third-party login such as eRA Commons,, Google, Microsoft, or a university or institutional log in to access your NCBI account. In this webinar, you will learn what you need to do to link a third-party login using our Wizard, get an updated timeline for the transition of third-party logins, and get answers to your questions.


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