New NCBI Gene Ensembl Comparison Expansion

NCBI Gene has added Ensembl Rapid Releases to the calculation of matching annotations between NCBI RefSeq and Ensembl. This has resulted in the inclusion of over 60 additional assemblies for a total of 241 organisms represented in the set. Matches are made based on transcript and CDS comparisons, and Ensembl gene, transcript, and protein identifiers for annotations similar to the NCBI RefSeq annotations are reported in NCBI Gene and in the gene2ensembl file on the Gene FTP site. The Ensembl annotation is also available in the graphical view and in NCBI’s Genome Data Viewer to give you a side-by-side view of how the annotations compare. Check out blue whale E2F1 for an example.

Figure 1. Balaenoptera musculus E2F transcription factor 1 in Genome Data Viewer

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