Web IgBLAST can now determine immunoglobulin isotypes

We have added a new function to IgBLAST on the Web. You can now search immunoglobulin (Ig) nucleotide sequences against the Constant region (C) gene database (Figure 1) to determine the Ig isotypes including subtypes (IgM, IgG, IgA1, etc.). The isotype information is reported in the rearrangement summary table, and the C gene region is displayed in the alignment section. This feature is now available on the IgBLAST web service for human and mouse sequences with possible expansion to other organisms in the future.  The feature is not yet implemented for the standalone IgBLAST package.

Figure 1.  IgBLAST constant region database selection and rearrangement summary table showing the top C gene match, IgHM in this case.  The NCBI C genes database is based on the the current NCBI human Reference Genome annotation.

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