RefSeq release 210 is available

RefSeq release 210 is available

RefSeq release 210 is now available online, from the FTP site and through NCBI’s Entrez
programming utilities, E-utilities.

This full release incorporates genomic, transcript, and protein data available as of January 3, 2022, and contains 302,482,881 records, including 220,595,192 proteins, 42,453,222 transcripts, and sequences from 115,929 organisms. The release is provided in several directories as a complete dataset and also as divided by logical groupings.

Updated human genome Annotation Release 109.20211119
Updated Annotation Release 109.20211119 is an update of NCBI Homo sapiens Annotation Release 109. The annotation products are available in the sequence databases and on the FTP site.

New eukaryotic genome annotations
This release includes new annotations generated by NCBI’s eukaryotic genome annotation pipeline for 26 species, including:

  • Domestic ferret annotation release 102, based on new assembly ASM1176430v1.1 (GCF_011764305.1)
  • Cat annotation release 105, based on new assembly F.catus_Fca126_mat1.0 (GCF_018350175.1)
  • Swimming crab annotation release 100, based on new assembly ASM1759143v1 (GCF_017591435.1)
  • Daphnia magna annotation release 101, based on new assembly ASM2063170v1.1 (GCF_020631705.1)
  • Domesticated barley annotation release 100, based on new assembly MorexV3_pseudomolecules_assembly (GCF_904849725.1)
  • Yellowpond turtle annotation release 100, based on new assembly ASM2049712v1 (GCF_020497125.1)

RefSeq assembly information
We are considering adding information to the RefSeq FTP release catalog about the RefSeq assembly for each sequence. We welcome your comments on information that would be useful to you.

Plasmid sequences
We are  looking at revising the set of sequences included in the plasmid bin to add in plasmids from WGS sequences.

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