Venturing beyond the genes: New RefSeq Functional Elements publication!

If you’re curious about genome annotation beyond the genes, then read on! We previously blogged about our RefSeq Functional Elements resource, which provides annotation of experimentally validated, non-genic functional elements in human and mouse. Now, to kick off 2022, we’re delighted to announce a new publication in the January issue of Genome Research:

Farrell CM, Goldfarb T, Rangwala SH, Astashyn A, Ermolaeva OD, Hem V, Katz KS, Kodali VK, Ludwig F, Wallin CL, Pruitt KD, Murphy TD. RefSeq Functional Elements as experimentally assayed nongenic reference standards and functional interactions in human and mouse. Genome Res. 2022 Jan;32(1):175-188. doi: 10.1101/gr.275819.121. Epub 2021 Dec 7. PMID: 34876495.

Figure 1. Workflow for production of the RefSeq Functional Elements dataset. Full cylinders represent databases, the half-cylinder represents the indicated data source, and rectangles represent actions. Further details can be found in the publication.

From this paper you can:

  • Get all the details
  • Learn where to find everything
  • See how the dataset relates to clinical genes and how it compares with other gene regulatory resources
  • Explore data uses, including advantages and limitations
  • Review our future directions, and see how you can contribute!

As always, we welcome input from the research community. We will be happy to represent in-scope experimentally validated data upon user request!

Happy 2022 all!

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