Try out the new gene table from NCBI Datasets!

Announcing a new feature in NCBI Datasets: the gene table.

To access it, start from the human species page (Figure 1) and click View all genes to view a table of all human genes.

Figure 1: Human species page. Click “View all genes” to view a table of human genes. 

You can filter the table results by gene type to show only protein-coding or non-coding genes, or search within the list of human genes by gene name or protein name. For example, you could search for galectin genes, then download the results as a table or a data package including gene, transcript and protein sequences and metadata (Figure 2).  Use the Action column (on the right-hand side) to download data for individual genes, or connect to orthologs, the NCBI Genome Data Viewer, and NCBI Gene.

Figure 2: Table of human genes filtered by galectin genes.

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